Need custom made sizing chambers?

Sika Performs by any measure


  • Pound-for-pound or dollar-for-dollar, Sika chambers are the strongest in the world.
  • Rigid sidewalls will withstand mechanical compaction without any internal support.


  • The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminim makes Sika chambers strong like concrete but light enough to be installed by two people without breaking their backs.


  • Modular construction for simple assembly and installation over existing cables and ducting.


  • Variable height adjustment is achieved with optional Chamber Extensions and height adjustable frames.
  • Flat-pack and stackable shipping configurations to optimise freight costs and transport efficiencies.

The Whole Package

  • Best used with Sika Cover Sets for a complete solution – available for both pathway and roadway applications.

Sika peace of mind.

Do it once, do it right.