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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver direct to site in New Zealand?

Provided there is equipment to safely off-load a 6 wheeler truck at site, Sika provides free standard freight delivery within New Zealand. If the delivery requires a HIAB Truck delivery then extra freight charges will apply.

What security do the access covers have?

We have various security methods. Typically Class D access covers are bolted with a security bolt personalised to the infrastructure owner. Similarly, we supply all Class B access covers with a Lock Block with a security type drive head.

Is there an identification method for the access covers?

Yes, we supply access covers with an interchangeable identification Logo plate, typically identifying the infrastructure owner. We match all dedicated Logos with the assigned security. Please specify your Logo requirements when ordering.

Do Chamber Packages and Cover Sets include keys?

Keys are not included in any Chamber Packages or Cover Sets, these are to be purchased separately when ordering.

Are Sika chambers waterproof, and do they have drainage in the event water tracks down a conduit?

Sika supplies modular chambers flat-packed. The parts, when bolted together, are typically not required to be sealed to make the chamber waterproof since the equipment housed is IP rated. The design of the chamber will allow any water ingress to drain through the bolted parts, and if additional drainage is specified, the chamber is drilled through the 5mm aluminium to suit drainage requirements.

We require a specific sized chamber, can you supply custom sizes?

Yes please contact us to discuss any specific requirements you have for your project.

Do I need a crane or lift hoist to load/unload Chamber Packages?

Sika lightweight aluminium Chamber Packages and parts are flat-packed to simplify logistics. You can typically manually handle individual Chamber Packages on a light ute. However, bulk purchases are pallet stacked to minimise transportation costs and require lifting equipment for safe handling. Please specify if your bulk order requires individual palletising for light handling.

Do I need steel reinforcing to install the Cover Sets?

Sika includes a complete reinforcing steel kit in all Roadway Class D Cover Set and Packages. Also available for Pathway Class B installation as an additional accessory.

Do Sika products corrode?

Sika commits to producing a quality product and utilises lightweight cast aluminium material of marine grade and critical accessory components of high-grade stainless steel. Furthermore, Sika offer a 50 Year Operational Guarantee Against Corrosion.

Sika Technology Limited

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