Chamber Extensions

Cable Management Systems

Cable Management Bracket

Product Code: D000-11-CCMB

Cable Stirrup Bracket 145mm

Product Code: D000-11-CCSB

Cable Stirrup Bracket 250mm

Product Code: D000-11-CCSB-250

Cable J Brackets (5 pack)

Product Code: D000-11-CCJB

Sika Technology can supply a range of internal Cable Management systems to assist with your installation. 

Keys and Lifting Tools

Pathway Key Only - Key Lifter

Product Code: B080-411-KL-1101

Roadway Key Only -Torque Wrench Coupling

Product Code: D210-311-TC

Standard Lifting Tool

Product Code: B000-11-KL-12

When ordering Keys, advise which logo is on the cover (the logo determines which security lock the cover carries)

Reinforcing Steel Kits


Dimensions 700 x 600

Rod Packs

Threaded Rods Pack (4 Pack)

Product Code: D210-11-1206-CFTR

Riser Rods Pack (4 pack)

Product Code: D210-11-1206-CFRR

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