Chamber Extensions

Cable Management Systems

Cable Management Bracket

Product Code: D000-11-CCMB

Cable Stirrup Bracket 145mm

Product Code: D000-11-CCSB

Cable Stirrup Bracket 250mm

Product Code: D000-11-CCSB-250

Cable J Brackets (5 pack)

Product Code: D000-11-CCJB

Sika Technology can supply a range of internal Cable Management systems to assist with your installation. 

Keys and Lifting Tools

Pathway Key Only - Key Lifter

Product Code: B080-411-KL-1101

Roadway Key Only -Torque Wrench Coupling

Product Code: D210-311-TC

Standard Lifting Tool

Product Code: B000-11-KL-12

When ordering Keys, advise which logo is on the cover (the logo determines which security lock the cover carries)

Reinforcing Steel Kits

Rod Packs

Threaded Rods Pack (4 Pack)

Product Code: D210-11-1206-CFTR

Riser Rods Pack (4 pack)

Product Code: D210-11-1206-CFRR

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