Sika Technology supplies Aluminium Jointing Chambers and Pull Pits for new Transmission Gully Motorway

Sep 21, 2021

Sika Technology supplies Aluminium Jointing Chambers and Pull Pits for new Transmission Gully Motorway

The new Transmission Gully Motorway is built to provide a safer, more reliable route for motorists and one which can better resist and recover from earthquakes and storms. It will revolutionise transport into and out of Wellington when it is finished.

Sika Technology is proud to have been a key supplier of critical backbone infrastructure for this new motorway.

Engineering Solution

Corys Electrical, one of Sika’s distribution partners, introduced Sika’s product to CPB-HEB, the construction joint venture delivering this project. Together they proposed Sika’s compliant diecast aluminium Chambers to NZTA to solve several engineering and OH & S challenges.

  • Sika’s modular design enabled efficiency and safe installation with Insitu assemblies surrounding the pre-laid ducts.
  • Sika’s lightweight design makes for efficient and safe logistics requiring no heavy lifting equipment.
  • Other key design features include extensions for greater depth at road crossings with multi-directional duct entries.

Custom solutions for unique challenges

Due to the scale of the project, Engineers requested further modularity in the form of common duct entry locations (not typical) but with the option to select openings.

At Sika, we pride ourselves on being innovative and responsive to customer needs and enjoy solving the technical challenges of our industry.

From the Engineers request, the ‘Duct Knock Out’ was developed and used in the field efficiently, improving safety and installation efficiencies.

The End Customer

Waka Kotahi NZTA chose Sika’s modular aluminium jointing chambers and roadway access covers to house the motorway’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) infrastructure.

Sika’s product ticks all the boxes; it is a long-term aesthetically pleasing, durable, environmentally friendly asset and carries a compliance guarantee.

NZTA’s historical use of Sika’s product trusted reputation by local authorities and utility service providers made approval an easy decision.

Sika peace of mind.

Do it once, do it right.