Sika’s aluminium chambers and cover sets deliver superior value to the owners of underground service networks by reducing the total cost of ownership in three key areas:

Install Cost

Our products are engineered for rapid installation, even in the most challenging of ‘brownfields’ installations. They are also inherently difficult to install poorly, which mitigates the downstream ownership and remediation costs that are caused by poor quality installations.  Read more.

Lifetime Cost

Cast aluminium is rigid and durable, which means our products do not chip, crack, or warp, and will not allow the adjacent ground to subside. Our gravity cast aluminium is marine grade and will not corrode. Our products will stand the test of time, eliminating unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs across a lifetime of service. Read more.

Legacy Cost

With more than 75% of the primary aluminium ever produced is still in service, aluminium will retain its value until the end of its service life. This means Sika’s products will be great for your balance sheet and good for the planet. Read more.