B&D Standard Key Lifter


B & D Lifters are used when a lock-specific lifter is not required. These are compatible with all Sika covers.

Cable Management Bracket


Cable Management Systems are available for coiling cables tidily and thereby helping to protect them from damage. They can be easily bolted to chamber walls. Cable Management Brackets, Cable Stirrup Brackets and Cable Protection Plates are available. 

Chamber Extension


Chamber Extensions are available to increase our standard Chamber depth and bolt easily onto the Chamber flange. Extensions are available for all of our Chamber sizes and may be purchased separately or within a package.

Dust Caps for Lock Block (Bag of 10)


Dust Caps are supplied with Lock Blocks, however additional caps may be purchased if required.

Kitset Reinforcing Steel


Kitset Reinforcing Steel is available for all Cover Sets. Class B installations only require reinforcing steel when the frame is raised away from the support offered by the Sika Chamber, and the Kitset Reinforcing Steel is purchased separately. Class D installations the reinforcing steel is compulsory and included with the Cover Set.

Lock Block Security Key Lifter


Operation of the security Lock Block requires a matching Key Lifter to open the Pathway Access Cover.

Quarter Turn Tool for V-Loc Cover


V-Loc Cover security is achieved with a 'Cartridge Latch' spring loaded clamping arrangement. The Quarter Turn Tool is required to open or lock the Cartridge Latch.

Reusable Chamber Shutters


A prepared kit of shutters and spreaders is used for internal boxing for pouring the concrete collar. Reusable Chamber Shutters are available for all Chamber sizes.

Security Bolts for Bolted Cover (Bag of 4)


Additional security bolts are available for Bolted Covers. Security Bolts with unique key designs are available on request.

Torque Coupling for Bolted Cover


Required for tightening of security bolts for Class D Bolted Cover Sets.