Company Profile

Established in 1989, Sika Technology Limited specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality, innovative cast aluminium solutions. 

Our multi-disciplined team provides a comprehensive design and manufacturing service, covering product concept and design, prototyping, die casting and sand moulding. A wealth of experience in the foundry industry and an ongoing commitment to research and development enables us to constantly improve our products and the efficiency of our production processes. 

With Australasia’s largest custom-built programmable tilt die casting machines, Sika is able to produce gravity die castings up to 50 kg mass from our manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Sika’s hard sand foundry also produces customised, high-definition sand castings for the marine, aviation and decorative markets, using a reclaimable chemically-bonded sand moulding system. This capability also gives Sika the ability to produce samples and prototypes of products that will ultimately be manufactured in higher volumes on our die casting machines. 

Sika Technology Limited has implemented an ISO 9001 compliant management system independently certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance., and has been granted a Standards Mark Licence by SAI Global for the manufacture of Aluminium Security Access Cover Sets allowing the “5 ticks” product certification mark to be displayed on our product.

From the Founder

Thanks for your interest in Sika’s aluminium chambers and access covers. 

People thought I was mad when I first started making aluminium covers in the 1980s; this was not a space where people expected to see a whole lot of innovation. Concrete and cast iron solutions dominated the market in those days, but these were quite literally breaking the backs of our installers. With aluminium, I saw an opportunity to develop cover sets and chambers that were strong and rigid like concrete and cast iron, but far more lightweight and easy to handle. 

In more recent times we have seen increasing competition from plastic alternatives, which are also lightweight and cheap to produce. This has presented Sika with a fresh challenge – to reengineer our products and manufacturing systems to be more cost-effective, while still retaining the structural integrity that our products need to provide a lifetime of reliable service in the ground. 

As a third generation foundryman, I’m proud of the innovation and quality of products that Sika has brought to the market, and of the team that we have assembled that will take Sika beyond Australasia to the rest of the world.

A lifetime of service to you.

Best regards,

David Hill
Managing Director